Robert McHugh Player Profile

Robert McHughName: Robert McHugh


Date of Birth: 26-08-1996


Occupation: Student


Favourite Position(s)
Football: Attacking back
Hurling: Backs


Honours: Under 21 doubles 2014 numerous other meddles with mill rovers


Highlight of your GAA career to date? I’d say U 21 hurling win last year.


Favourite thing about our club? The pride and commitment shown from the players


Do you remember your first game for Shanballymore? I started centre back in a novice hurling match when I was 16 against Killavullen


Other interests outside of the GAA? Horse racing, soccer, sleeping


Which sports person would you most like to meet? Roy Keane


Favourite sporting memory? Cork’s football All Ireland win in 2010


A sporting event you would most like to attend? Mcgregor vs Aldo in Las Vages in July


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Never take your eye of the ball even when it’s in the refs pocket!


What advice would you give to younger players? Start off being able to strike of both sides makes it a lot easier trying to get used to it when your older.


You may not know this but “I’m good at”? Fifa


Favourite Film? Inception


Favourite TV show? The Big Bang theory


Favourite book? Not much of a reader


Toughest opponent at training? Sean Lynch


Growing up my favourite hurler was? Sean Og and Ben O’Connor


Growing up my favourite footballer was? Graham Canty


If there was one thing you would change about the GAA, what would it be? Better refs that wouldn’t at times be the difference between winning and losing


If you owned a race horse what would you call it? Another Hillman


In ten years time I hope to be? Hopefully injury free and after picking up a few medals


And finally who’s the longest in the shower? Shaun Cronin

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