Richard Hallinan Play Profile

Richard Hallinan
Name: Richard Hallinan


Date of Birth: 23-11-1992


Occupation: In my Final Year of College (Hopefully)


Favourite Position(s)
Football:  I don’t have a favourite position.
Hurling:  I don’t have a favourite position.


Honours: A few North Cork’s


Highlight of your GAA career to date? Scoring an equalising point late on in an under-13 game against Kildorrery in Glanworth.


Favourite thing about our club? The Buzzing and the pointing!


Do you remember your first game for Shanballymore?  I think it was against Charleville in Charleville about 3 years ago I say. I got the nod with about twenty minutes to go and did not do a stroke.


Other interests outside of the GAA? Horse Racing


Which sports person would you most like to meet? Steven Gerrard


Favourite sporting memory? A 90th minute winning penalty by Steven Gerrard against Fulham in Craven Cottage Feb 2014.


A sporting event you would most like to attend? Liverpool vs Man U at Anfield as long as we win the game.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Keep your mouth shut and stick at it.


What advice would you give to younger players? Try and stay off the Rollies!


You may not know this but “I’m good at”? Im tasty enough at German


Favourite Film? Anchorman


Favourite TV show? Match of the Day


Favourite book? Harry Redknapp Book


Toughest opponent at training? That’s a tough question.


Growing up my favourite hurler was? Didn’t have one.


Growing up my favourite footballer was? Colin Corkery with the stylie football boots.


If there was one thing you would change about the GAA, what would it be? I wouldn’t change anything


If you owned a race horse what would you call it? The Kid


In ten years time I hope to be? Doing something I enjoy


And finally who’s the longest in the shower? It depends if the showers are hot or cold. You wouldn’t stay that long in the shower if it was cold.

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