Jamie Sheedy Player Profile

Jamie Sheedy

Name: Jamie Sheedy


Date of Birth: 27-05-1991


Occupation: Student


Favourite Position(s)
Football: Half forward line
Hurling: Midfield/ Wing forward


Honours: With Sbm, U21 doubles 2009 & 2011, north cork football 2012


Highlight of your GAA career to date? Winning North Cork football on my birthday 2012


Favourite thing about our club? Commitment and the craic we have


Do you remember your first game for Shanballymore? Not really


Other interests outside of the GAA? Soccer, Darts, Golf


Which sports person would you most like to meet? Brian o Driscoll


Favourite sporting memory? Peter Stringer try in 2006 Heineken cup final


A sporting event you would most like to attend? Rugby world cup final in Ireland in 2023 (hopefully), Darts at the ally pally, El Clasico.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Catch the ball rather than taking a touch


What advice would you give to younger players? Listen to your coaches and practice, practice, practice


You may not know this but “I’m good at”? Wintering well


Favourite Film? Inception


Favourite TV show? Big bang theory


Favourite book? Tara & Ben


Toughest opponent at training?  Lynch


Growing up my favourite hurler was? Joe Deane/ Ronan Curran


Growing up my favourite footballer was? Sean Cavanagh/ Declan o Sullivan two class acts


If there was one thing you would change about the GAA, what would it be? Reduce the number of weeks between championship games


If you owned a race horse what would you call it? The Banter Panther


In ten years time I hope to be? Healthy and working in a job I like as well as having at least 2 north corks and 1 county medal in my back pocket


And finally who’s the longest in the shower? I’d take my time but wouldn’t be the longest

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