Eoin McHugh Player Profile

Eoin McHughName: Eoin McHugh


Date of Birth: 15-01-1993


Occupation: Student


Favourite Position(s)
Football: Mid Field
Hurling: Half Back


Honours: U21 doubles 2011 and 2014, north Cork football 2012


Highlight of your GAA career to date? Wining the north cork football, first junior medal with shambla haven’t done much since then…


Favourite thing about our club? on and off the pitch THE BOIS will have your back


Do you remember your first game for Shanballymore? First match was a football challenge playing in the back arse of nowhere cant remember where, came on corner back got flattened a minute later..


Other interests outside of the GAA? golf, horse racing, drink


Which sports person would you most like to meet? Hurricane Fly not a person but what a legend


Favourite sporting memory? Hedgehunter wining the Grand National in 2005 with the unstoppable Willie Mullins Ruby Walsh combination we have today!!


A sporting event you would most like to attend? Cheltenham Gold Cup


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Concentrate when striking the ball and if you break the kitchen window run like fuck!


What advice would you give to younger players? Make sure you hold the hurley right when you start #stronghandontop


You may not know this but “I’m good at”? not bad at the woodwork.. might even get a job out of it at this stage


Favourite Film? Wanted


Favourite TV show? Scrubs


Favourite book? Ladbible


Toughest opponent at training? Conor Hannon, Brian Sheedy is still shook after him…


Growing up my favourite hurler was? O’ Connor twins…


Growing up my favourite footballer was? Didn’t really have much interest in the big ball as a young fella!


If there was one thing you would change about the GAA, what would it be? Better refs wouldn’t go astray i suppose


If you owned a race horse what would you call it? The Real McCoy


In ten years time I hope to be? Still playing and hopefully with a few north Corks in the bag


And finally who’s the longest in the shower? never bothered to measure….

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