Brian O Reilly Player Profile

Brian O Reilly
Name: Brian O’Reilly


Date of Birth: 06-1-1994


Occupation: Student


Favourite Position(s)
Football: Wing Back
Hurling: Centre Back


Honours: North Cork Football ’12, U21 doubles ’11 & ’14 with the club and a Tony Forristal with Cork


Highlight of your GAA career to date? Captaining the Junior hurling team


Favourite thing about our club? The camaraderie throughout the club


Do you remember your first game for Shanballymore? Think it was Novice Hurling league against KDY, won by a few points in the end


Other interests outside of the GAA? Rugby, Horse Racing and Cricket


Which sports person would you most like to meet? George Best in his hayday


Favourite sporting memory? Brian Corcoran’s point in the second half vs Kilkenny ’04 All-Ireland final


A sporting event you would most like to attend? Would love to have seen Dan Carters performance in the first test of the 2005 Lions Tour of New Zealand live.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Always start the next season a better player than you finished the previous one


What advice would you give to younger players? Practise as often as you can


You may not know this but “I’m good at”? Taking frees! Just ask Eamonn Fitz….


Favourite Film? Snatch


Favourite TV show? Family Guy


Favourite book? Wouldn’t be a great fan of books to be honest


Toughest opponent at training? Richie ‘The Ram’ Burke, without a shadow of a doubt.


Growing up my favourite hurler was? Eoin Kelly – Tipp


Growing up my favourite footballer was? Padraic Joyce


If there was one thing you would change about the GAA, what would it be? Give more power to umpires and linesmen


If you owned a race horse what would you call it? No ‘F’ in chance


In ten years time I hope to be? Happy, healthy and still togging out for the black and red. Going out with Mila Kunis wouldn’t be too bad either I guess.


And finally who’s the longest in the shower? Jamie Sheedy

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